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Community Report - GULF NEWS Dt. 09.07.2010 - Spilt fuel can have dire consequences

Community Report - GULF NEWS Dt. 09.07.2010 - Spilt fuel can have dire consequences

Community Report - GULF NEWS Dt. 09.07.2010 - Spilt fuel can have dire consequences

Unsafe practices at busy filling stations alarm reader

En route to Dubai from Abu Dhabi, when using the Saadiyat Island road, motorists have limited options to fill up their vehicles' petrol tanks once they leave the city.

Either they have to drive to Shahama — which is 40 kilometres away — or get to the major petrol station near Samha, which is 56 kilometres away from the city.

The rush of motorists in the afternoon is on the higher side, as there are many daily commuters who reside in Dubai and work in Abu Dhabi. This makes refuelling an issue, as there is a long queue at both these petrol stations during the afternoon and later on in the day.

On my frequent trips to Dubai, during different times, I have observed some significant safety-related issues and other matters that pose an inconvenience to the public. I wish to highlight them here.

Firstly, there is no petrol station on this stretch of road for about 40 kilometres — and any motorists leaving the city without enough fuel are bound to get stuck. Incidentally, there is no petrol station in the Mina area, too, which has significant heavy vehicle traffic and thus a petrol station at the exit of Mina or somewhere in the Mina area next to vegetable market or the animal market would be welcomed by all motorists who use this road.

Heavy rush

Secondly, I have noticed several times that due to the heavy rush, motorists often go to the wrong side of the petrol-filling units. The attending staff then have to stretch the hose to fill the tank.

The drivers mostly sit inside their vehicles while the petrol station attendants connect the hose and then rush to the next vehicle. The weather is extremely hot and due to the pressure, fuel is often spilled all over the place until someone points it out and asks the attendant to stop and reconnect the hose.

This is an extremely dangerous situation as the engines of vehicles are usually running and a mere spark from any possible source could definitely lead to a major disaster.

Witnessing one such occasion, I made an effort to talk to the station supervisor of a major petrol station near Samha on the way to Dubai and was told that the arrangements of filling on the wrong side, using extended hoses, has been initiated to reduce the rush.

Also, I did not find an effort to neutralise the fuel spilt using sand or any other precautionary safety measures. Only half a bucket of water was poured and the attendants were of the opinion that in the heat, it would evaporate quickly.

Using Gulf News' community report platform, I request the authorities to set up a petrol station in Mina area for the benefit of motorists and to also provide their staff with the necessary safety training. Safety equipment must be installed and made available at these units, too.

People should be given instructions not to leave their cars unattended if they are being filled at the wrong side of the petrol pump. Drivers also have a major role in ensuring safety as they have to keep an eye on the process and if there is any problem, should alert the staff immediately.

Safety is the responsibility of every individual. Let us not act after an incident has occurred — let us try and prevent it.

— The reader is a technical officer, based in Abu Dhabi

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My Letters - THE NATIONAL Dt. 07.07.2010 - Speeding saves a minute, costs a life

My Letters - THE NATIONAL Dt. 07.07.2010 - Speeding saves a minute, costs a life

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My Letters - THE NATIONAL Dt. 02.07.2010 - Lack of pumps on Saadiyat Island

My Letters - THE NATIONAL Dt. 02.07.2010 - Lack of pumps on Saadiyat Island

Using the new Saadiyat Island road, motorists are left with the limited option to fill their cars with petrol once they leave the city.

The rush of motorists in the afternoon is on the high side as there are many daily commuters who reside in Dubai and work in Abu Dhabi. This makes refuelling an issue as there is a long queue at petrol stations in both emirates.

This is a major inconvenience as there is no petrol filling station on this stretch for about 40km and any motorists leaving the city with short of fuel has no options to refill. In addition, two of the major petrol pumps in the city are under renovation, making it all the more difficult.

Thus, a petrol station at the exit of Mina towards Dubai or somewhere on the new road after the exit from Abu Dhabi city will be welcome by all the motorists.

I humbly request the authorities to initiate necessary measures to ease the refuelling difficulties of motorists.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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My Letters - THE NATIONAL - Dt. 01.07.2010 - Dangerous Vehicles in Dubai

My Letters - THE NATIONAL - Dt. 01.07.2010 - Dangerous Vehicles in Dubai

About Me

About Me

Trying my best to create a family of Positive and Quality minded people. Bringing Creativity in to life and Never give up are the two wheels of my life cycle (it has been revolving and evolving a lot and it will continue too). You may visit my related blogs to watch my small steps towards the above cause.

I believe that all great achievements and success in life, and all changes for the better, have one powerful characteristic in common: The First Step. Take the first step, and the journey has a way of taking care of itself.” This is the motto behind my Team 1 blogs and associated groups intended to promote TQM and Positive Thinking values.


I am an active participant in various HAVE YOUR SAY Programmes happening within UAE and around. This has resulted in winning a few prestigious achievements over the last few years like:

• Distinguished Contributor for Dubai Municipalities Have Your Say Programmes in 2006

• 2nd amongst the Top 10 Contributors for Dubai Municipalities Have Your Say Programmes in 2007.

• Winner – Malayala Manorama Jeevajalam Photography Competition 2009

• Hit 96.7 FM Hit Hero of the Month of June 2009

Please find below a random listing of my creative suggestions which have been accepted/ implemented partially or fully or under discussion by the UAE authorities:

With Dubai RTA/Dubai Municipality

- Introduce speed breakers on public transport vehicles

- Introduce road safety kit in new vehicles

- Introduce Speed Awareness Campaign- by way of training, leaflets etc , on going.

- Initiation of safety training for 15 seater drivers

- Display of contact numbers on 15 seater vans and heavy vehicles

- Digital ID card for school children to monitor arrival and return to school from home using various transport options.

With Abu Dhabi Authorities:

- Abu Dhabi Mall pedestrian signals - Adjust the Pedestrian crossing signal timing in front of Abu Dhabi Mall as it is dangerous for public

- Hygiene hazards - Public trash bins in Hamdan street - create health hazards.

- Close the broken barriers on the prominent street before you fine - accepted by Abu Dhabi Police and the authorities have instructed Municipality to close these broken barriers before they fine the public.

- Introduce a system of giving compulsory training for those who do minor traffic offenses and those who accumulate black points - suggestion partially carried out in Dubai, under study in Abu Dhabi.

- Banning of Heavy vehicles, especially trucks from Salam Street during day time and use alternate road of Sadiyat Island to get in and out of Abu Dhabi town.

- Introduction of Bus Route No. 6 to benefit ISCC Abu Dhabi members and Mina Bird Market users.

- Automatic and moveable LCD Road signs on Abu Dhabi – Dubai high way to give warnings during bad weather conditions and other emergencies.

- Increase the frequency of buses to Ruwais and Al Ain during public holidays and rush hours.

- Introduce Free Wifi spots in all major clubs including ISCC Abu Dhabi


- Bring back the Volcano Fountain - - most historic monument of Abu Dhabi - got demolished during the recent developments and did not find a place. Suggestion to bring it back and persistent follow up to bring it back in a prominent location on the corniche of Abu Dhabi or its new development has resulted in the formation of a committee to finalise their decision.

- Introduce QUEUE system in bus and taxi stops - ongoing vigorously with all major authorities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

- Ban Smoking Corners from front of shoping malls and public places

- Introduce a U-Turn and Signal at Mina Bird Market area to resolve traffic safety issues.

- Bus stop on Electra street requires complete renovation - city image - refer his report in Gulf news.

- Introduction of a special stop for Bus Routes No. 11 and 12 in front of ISCC Abu Dhabi to benefit members and Mina Bird Market users.

- Introduce warning notice at pubs about dangers of drunken driving

- Suggestions to the Ministry of Labour in conjunction with Ministry of Information and Police to utilise the extended summer break to create a Safety and Health Awareness Campaign benefiting the numerous work force who avail this free time.

- Lady drivers for school buses transporting girl students

- Formation of a mandatory committee at schools comprising of Management, Teachers, and parents to monitor and control bullying by students and teachers and also to initiate regular steps for academic improvement.

- Consider special concession to schools, for daily operating items, such as, Telephone, Electricity, Water, followed by discounts on school bus registration fees, staff immigration and naturalisation costs etc.

- Banning of three wheeled electronic cycles from the streets of Abu Dhabi as it creates danger to the rider as well as fellow road users.

- Request for a petrol station at the exit of Mina towards Dubai or somewhere on the new road after the exit from Abu Dhabi city to ease the refuelling difficulties of motorists.

- Call for added participation of organisations, various regional associations and Embassies through public awareness campaigns.

- Call for voluntary participation by Television and Radio media to reach safety related announcements and warnings to reach more public.

- Request to Education Ministry and School authorities should make it a point to create Health, Safety and Environment as a regular topic in the curriculum of children.

- Request to the Department of Transportation and Police authorities to install speed restriction signs and measures on the road towards Mafraq Hospital and also insist Mafraq Hospital authorities to have a circular to their staff educating them not to speed while coming for work, even if they are late.

- Request for modification to the high-tech waste disposal system newly installed in Abu Dhabi city to accommodate easy disposal keeping hygeine issues.


Writing, Driving, Computer graphics, Photography, Painting, Playing Tabala and other percussion instruments, Swimming, Playing & Coaching Cricket and Football, Cooking, Promoting Arts, Culture & Tradition, Positive Thinking and Total Quality Management.

Favorite Movies

A movie which I dream to create.... Working on it. One day very soon.

Favorite Music
I love music and I like diversity. So from hard rock to classical Indian carnatic and classical western I find it interesting. As a self learner I listen to music and learn the beats of the instruments while I find solace in it.

Favorite Books

I love to read and reads whatever comes on my way. However, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carneige is precious. I also read Lalita Sahasra Namam book (with meanings) and Sai Sat Charita daily.

Writing Interest:

My interest in Community Journalism urge me to pick up various subjects with interest and my photography and drawing interest complements it with the right photos to give those reports life, meaning resulting it to reach the public with added value. This has also resulted in achieving a more than 60 % of my suggestions to the various Have Your Say programmes to be listened and acted upon in favour by the authorities concerned.

With the above interest, I regularly write and present photographs of interest in letters section and other columns of relevance in the major newspapers like The National, The Gulf News, Khaleej Times, Gulf Today, Malayala Manorama etc and even have an exclusive page dedicated for NRIs at a website of my home town.

I promote:

Team 1 Talent Share Fan page and Passionate Photographers group.

Team 1 Talent Share blog and fan page is dedicated to promote non-performing and performing art forms amongst children and adults. A Talent or Knowledge within you is to be shared is the motto of it.

Passionate Photographers group on Face book is created and dedicated to promote those who are passionate in photography to click and exhibit more. Every photo clicked is a history. You will never be able to re-create that precious moment. I consider photography as the best tool to promote positive thinking values because you never click an object with a negative output in mind. You are free to upload photos as you passionately take them in your daily life.

My blogs and groups are mentioned at the end of this profile.

My contacts:

Phone: 00 971 50 443 83 06

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