Sunday, January 18, 2009

Team 1 Daily LAWS Dt 18 Jan 09 - Money and Opportunities

Invitation to Participate in Talent Share initiatives for January 2009

Act now and SHARE your child's creative talent to the world around. Send their works with the following details to at your convenience:

Date of Birth:
Parents Name:
Contact Telephone No(s):
Contact address : e-mail
Contact Address by Post:

Age group is from 04 to 15 years. However, all the others including Arts & Craft Teachers are welcome to submit their creative contribution.

All participating children will get suitably rewards courtesy goodwill of some corporates who appreciate this initiative.

More parties who are interested to support the Talent Share initiatives may write to me at

Please note this is an initiative created to promote the creative talents of children and has no commercial motives.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Team 1 Daily LAWS Dt 17 Jan 09 - Wheels of economic revolution completing its round

Mind Speaks - Why on earth?

Today, I owe a public apology. The reason is very simple. It is just an article I wrote the other day with the title – Keep your eyes and ears open. And the after effect. I did not practise what I preach. It is not that I tried. I tried and still trying my best. But, I failed. Now I will come to the story. Long long ago, when I was in the school days, I had a good friend. Let me call him Balu – my favourite friend and name. One year senior to me. Those days, going to school was more fun and interesting as we followed the numerous bullock carts going to the famous Irinjalakuda Market. It was an advantage for us, i.e those who walk to school, to keep our bags – not that big as these days on the hangings behind of those bullock carts and walk freely. We were thick friends till 10th and then parted ways to different directions as life took it’s own sweet course. Last year, suddenly I got a call on my mobile, Ramesh, this is Balu, I am in Dubai, I have come here on visit visa from Kuwait and looking for a job. I was happy to hear him after a long time. We kept in touch occasionally. He was an IT expert and later on he informed me that he got a good job with a reputed bank which has opened business during last year. I was happy for him. Still we didn’t get a chance to meet in person, as like many of my friends. Life kept on moving in fast pace as ever. Recently when I went to Kerala on a short visit, as usual I went to the small temple in my village. This visit carries lots of significance as it is an opportunity to meet all old friends there in front of the temple under the huge Banyan tree. It was there, we grew up playing cricket, football and all other tricks to each other, irrespective of caste, creed, or social status. During the visit this time, my friends told me, hey, Balu is also on leave here, did you meet him. I said no. I didn’t get a chance to meet him in Dubai either. As usual I came back here, and then days went flying and suddenly on Thursday I realised about him and his visit and my missed chance to meet him at the native place. I thought of giving a call to him. On the phone with him I got a shocker. Balu said to me in a quiet voice, Ramesh, I am sorry, I didn’t call you. I am leaving tomorrow to India. Shocked as I was, he continued, I came back from leave the day after Christmas and I was told, I was no longer required in my service. The bank’s business is totally down and no lending happening and they are reducing the work force. I am just way down the line. There are so many seniors who have been terminated.

I pacified him and told him, this is nothing new in Dubai. Don’t worry, we will see something out. Do send me a resume of yours quickly to me. And I will work out whether something is possible or not. I know it was tough, but even then I gave him a ray of hope. It was Thursday evening and I started checking on all possible probabilities of a placement option for this good old school friend. By Friday morning, I found out there may be an opening suiting to his experience and that too in Abu Dhabi and forwarded his resume to them for a probable interview at the earliest. With the consolation that, he is going only Friday night and he has the option of a valid visa to come back at any time and also with the convenience of the reduced airlines rates to and from India, I picked up my phone in the evening to talk to my friend. Awaits, another shocker of my life. He is already at the airport. And when I told him all what happened with regards to my job hunt and consoling him that he may be able to come back soon, he replied to me in a soft voice. I am waiting for my PRO, as he is coming to the airport to collect the cancellation papers. I didn’t have words to speak for some time. Coming back to normal terms, I asked him, why did you cancel your visa, as it may be next to impossible to come back again on another visa at this time as employers may find several candidates who they can employ on transfer visa basis rather than bringing afresh. He continued, I tried several places and did not get any positive feedback and by the time the pressure was too much as the company wanted to clear as many files as they could. So, this was the only option. I had only words of good luck to him to keep the phone. May be it is an opportunity for him to find a new beginning away from this maddening world. However, somewhere down in some corner of my heart, I had a feeling, kaassh, why on earth I didn’t call him after coming back? Why on earth he didn’t call me as usual? Why on earth he didn’t tell me on the first instance his visa has been cancelled already? Why on earth his other friends who were close to him did not guide him properly? Questions in plenty, I changed my thoughts to the good old saying – Jo hotha hey acha ke liye hotha hey! And prayed for his success for a new and successful beginning in the coming days.

p.s. This is a true incident. As they say, don't keep any secret to doctors, lawyers (and now Team 1).

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Team 1 Daily LAWS dt 15 Jan 09 - Distance to Punjab getting longer

Abu Dhabi sky this morning

I was really freaking out this morning. The weather and the sky. Very rarely one gets to get these type of morning settings here in Abu Dhabi. The different colors, moods, changes etc - what a feeling it created within me. Come out a few minutes earlier these days and share the joy with me at your own expenses.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Team 1 Daily LAWS dt 05 Jan 2009 - Turning on to yoga

Mind Speaks - Keep your eyes and ears open

The heat is on. CVs are coming in volume from job hunters. It is slowly turning out to be real that several companies around are reducing staff in minimum or maximum. An opportunity which came up yesterday made me consult with some helping hands in the field of recruitment and HR sector. The feedback from them is not at all promising. Currently all major recruitment activities are on hold and everyone is watching and waiting before proceeding for the next step. Banking sector is also in greater caution and this is another major area for many of us who has an attitude to be there when in need. In the coming days/months I am sure you will get to hear many sad stories/tragedies of job loss/life etc directly or indirectly due to the current economic scenario. It is therefore very important to be in touch with your regular friends/loved ones/contacts. Make sure you get to create a communication and feel their pulse. I am sure you will definitely be able to get the feelings across, even if it is a silence or pause in the communication. But to be there at the time in need is the most important gift you can give to a friend or a well wisher of yours.

The reason for writing this here is an interview of actor Dileep shown on TV recently about his latest movie where he did a stunt scene by jumping into the sea. In it he explained what was his feeling before jumping and once in motion down. No control, and life and death was seconds away. Luckily for him there were people to rescue, who were on standby. But a repeat shot had to be taken and he continued, there were no one around and it was really touch and go. An year ago I had mentioned here in one of my write ups about the death of a friend who committed suicide due to a financial fraud by one of his customers. Almost similar time, another friends wife committed suicide due to prolong arthritis ailment. Both took the same aerial route of jumping from the balcony and the narration by Dileep was really touchy and brought back memories several times. If, someone was there to hold them/restrain them back from that crucial decision, life would have been an altogether different thing for their children.

Let the party continue, enjoy life as it happens, Kaliyum chiriyum thamashakalum ellam nadakkatte. But keep an eye and ear open for that precious silence somewhere around. You never know, a chance hello or a short email will make you realise the reason for that precious silence and may give you an opportunity to be the most important person for someone whom you care. God Bless and Keep communicating.

Mind Speaks - Highway Mechanic

During my childhood days, it was a routine that every year we go to some distant place away from our small town. Mostly it is a picnic come pilgrimage mixing major temple/towns in South India. Being the only available mode of comfortable transportation during those times, we gave lot of trust and confidence to our old Ambassador. Whether it is Thirupathi, or Kanyakumari, he is there and we know we will reach back safely. Another convenience is its capacity to carry volume as these trips are a joint family affair and at least we have 5 adults and 4 children in the party. Regularly kept in good condition our car seldom gave us any major trouble during those journeys. However, occasionally, we used to get a fan belt problem, or puncture or dynamo problem, and we used to rely the service of way side or highway workshops. With full party, we reach somehow there and then mostly we get to see an ustad coming down or a chotta mechanic running down and repairing the faults within the shortest possible time. These stoppage times are also an opportunity for the members to explore the place and shop for the locally made specialties. In a few hours time, the car is again ready for the journey and we continue towards our next destination. 100 of 100 times, these garages and mechanics are never seen again as we never come back that way or stop there. However, the service they render has been always excellent quality to keeping our (i.e unknown travelers) safety in mind. I am bringing back these old memories today just to reiterate the fact that my journey through the Amrita TV forum has been a similar one all through out. I see the role of the passengers and the mechanics many times and some times I am lucky when I get to play the part of the mechanic to serve some unknown travelers and assist them to get going when stuck. The journey is to be carried out by the person and the driving safety and well being and progress all depends up on how he/she look at it and carry out his / her role. If there is an opportunity to be of service to any one who genuinely requires it, I will be there. It’s an assurance.